83 minutes that prove that fashion is much more than just clothes and accessories!



"Our society is used to treating clothes, hair, accessories, and fashion in general in a very practical way. Today, I will prove to you why this is completely wrong… "

And that's how Maria Raveendran's talk at TEDxUTSC started when she was called in 15 minutes to explain the importance of fashion. Because the clothes and accessories we wear, the way we decide to do our hair or the color we dye our nails, can change or even change our lives. 

From the beginning of the world and the first humans, Adam and Eve, clothing had a single purpose, to cover the human body. Pieces of fabric held together by special ties formed the beginning of fashion, which then of course evolved, with more special weaves and jewelry as a sign of wealth. 

But what happens beyond that? Beyond the practical side of fashion? 

"Change your wardrobe, change your life," says Gillian Dunn and bases her entire speech around the interior of fashion. That is, the one that goes beyond the basic need for clothing and goes one step further, to the need to feel beautiful, to feel good about ourselves and in the end, to have self-confidence. When we believe in ourselves, that is, that he can achieve everything, we begin to compromise, to pursue the best. And by chasing the best, we are achieving more and more small goals on our way to the top. 

So starting from our own wardrobe, we end up with a radical lifestyle change, with chain events that lead to each other. Because that's exactly the fashion. ‘Inspiration, dream, expectation. So let's ask, "Who am I and how I want to show up in the world?" and let's start dressing like the person we are or want to be!

And because a good source of inspiration is always necessary, dedicate 83 minutes of your daily life to great women's speeches that give the term "fashion" the multifaceted and multidimensional character it deserves.

#1 - The Power of Fashion | Maria Raveendran | TEDxUTSC

Through her personal story, Maria Raveendran, it is narrated that from an introverted teenager who barely spoke, she transformed into a successful researcher and doctor, simply changing her wardrobe!

#2 - Fashion your future: Think more like a fashion designer | Suzi Vaughan | TEDxQUT

We live in an age of subversive change and uncertainty. So if "design thinking" is "the new black", then thinking as a fashion designer can be the "next big thing!"! A wonderful speech that takes the beginnings of design thinking and translates them into a series of practical tips that you can use on your own to help you think more optimistically in times of uncertainty and ambiguity.

#3 - The Link Between Personal Style and Identity | Molly Bingaman | TEDxUMKC

Combining the language of design with elements from mathematics and physics, Molly Bingaman and her team have created a radical new approach to styling that teaches clients how to choose the clothes, hairstyles and makeup that best represent what is.

#4 - Change Your Closet, Change Your Life | Gillian Dunn | TEDxWhiteRock

We live in abundance, but we suffer from a mentality of rarity. Using research, personal experience and stories, this speech explains why as humans we choose to "save" instead of using and reminds us that we must choose every day what kind of life we want to live.

#5 - Dressing for confidence and joy | Stasia Savasuk | TEDxPortsmouth

In this moving and highly personal talk, Stasia Savasuk shares how she tried to protect her 5-year-old daughter - who was physically challenged - and help her fit into society by wearing the most beautiful little dress she could find. But when her daughter asked for a shirt with buttons and a bow tie, she was shocked to realize how important style is for our sense of self!

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