KK Collection

The Kalliope Katsoulidi Collection is a custom design brand with leather bags, made in small family crafts in Florence, from high quality Italian leathers, treated with organic dyes.

Our vision is high aesthetics, true elegance and affordable luxury.
We care about conscious consumption and ethics in fashion.
Our inspiration is the smart, independent, free woman who chooses to commit and make herself available.
The philosophy and products of the Kalliope Katsoulidi Collection meet cultured and worthy women who move with unparalleled finesse and style.

About The Leather

Italian leather is synonymous with high quality and excellent processing.
Quality leather brings with it a long, specialized and difficult work of many people to become the product we see in stores.
The dye we use is organic and is a specialized technique in which the skin is put in wooden barrels and the pigments are allowed to penetrate naturally into the skin for 40 days.
The skins we use are exclusively products of the meat industry and only lamb and beef skins. 

We use several skin types with the following predominant: 

● Nappa. A term used to describe all types of smooth skin with natural spots.
● Nubuck. Polished leather in the shape of a peach.
● Suede. Polished leather on the underside that gives it a velvety appearance.
● Fur skin (Sherling). Lamb skin used with the wool side inside. The outside may have a napa or suede finish.

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