Our Philosophy


Several years ago, at the end of 1998, “Tesoro” was founded, a small shop that collected treasures from Greece and abroad.
For the founder Kalliopi Katsoulidis, it was a year of change, internal, family and professional. She turned from her academic career until then, to her great passion, which was fashion.

During her studies in Rome, in parallel with semiotics, she was particularly involved in the production, distribution and communication of clothing and footwear products. On the paths of this road she realized their dynamic presence of the jewelry in the completion of the female appearance.
She relied on this know-how and love and decided to bring innovative jewelry and accessories to Ioannina in 1998.

From that moment Tesoro offers accessories, jewelry, clothes and shoes of high quality and design dynamics, to women who have a strong personality, culture, special aesthetics, but also unparalleled femininity, strengthening their profile and supporting the philosophy of their life.

To date, Tesoro has customers who trust its "magic wand", to transform a simple look into a result of high quality and design dynamics. 
Our audience, women who have a strong personality, culture and special aesthetics.
Our goal is to highlight their aesthetics and to support their philosophy of life.

Welcome to the enchanting & absolutely feminine world of Tesoro!

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